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Title: Daze
Author: Amireal
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Q/O
Warnings: None
Author's email: amireal@amireal.slashcity.net
Link to story: http://www.masterapprentice.org/archive/d/daze.html

Summary: Ever have one of those days?
Reason for recommending: This story is a riot. Every time I read it, I completely understand where poor Obi is coming from.
It is a great story for anyone who is having a bad day...

Obi-Wan slowly rolled over, feeling all of his muscles protesting. Thankfully there was a wall nearby. Bracing himself carefully he pushed
up, only to have his boot slip on some errant mud that he had been carrying and slide out from under him. He landed on his knees. His
knees were not happy, especially the more injured of the two.

Wincing, he crawled a little ways till there was a break in the wall paneling and pulled himself up carefully. This time he made it fully upright.
He stalked, as well as we he was able to and finally reached his rooms.

Smacking the panel next to the door, it slid open with a quiet *swish* of air. He stalked in and hit the panel on the inside with even more
force. The door apparently did not get the picture because it slid shut with its customary gentle precision. He stared at it for a few moments
before launching forward and ripping the panel off of the wall. Fiddling with the tension on the springs, as well as a few other things that he
wasn't supposed to be able to control from that panel, he finally leaned back, satisfied.

He triggered the mechanism and watched the door open. He triggered it again and grinned gleefully. It now made a nice solid, LOUD *THUD*
as it closed. He found it was a pleasing and satisfying sound and so he did it several more times.

Obi-Wan was making little noises that sounded suspiciously close to giggling. He stopped abruptly when he realized he sounded like Yoda,
when he was drunk on Corellian wine.

He closed the door one last time and began mumbling the mantra, "Food, shower, sleep. Food, shower, sleep."
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