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Note: On Feb 23, [ profile] jedi_runya posted a rec with two stories. At the time I didn't realize this would mess up the memories, but it does. So I'm re-posting the second half of her post here, just so I can get them into memories properly.

In the future, one rec per post, please. Sorry for not catching it earlier.

Title: No Other Sun

Author: Binky

Rating: NC-17

Pairing: Q/O

Warnings: None

Author's e-mail, web site and/or LJ id: [ profile] hominysnark, (I don't know if this is current.)

Link to story:

Summary: Qui-Gon is seeing things.

Reasons for recommending: This story is another au with a twist. Binky has the gift of pulling the reader in and making the
story come alive. It is funny and sad at the same time with one of the greatest fix-it endings I’ve read.


Mace blinked at his friend. "You did what?"
Qui-Gon sighed, sinking back into the plush sofa in Mace's quarters. "I kissed him. Or maybe he kissed me. The end
result was the same."
"You kissed a ghost." Mace's tone was flat, unbelieving.

Qui-Gon remembered the steady heartbeat, the solid heat of the man. "He's not a ghost."
"You don't know that, Qui-Gon." Mace's voice was getting louder, and Qui-Gon began to wonder if he'd made
a mistake in coming here.

"He only appears to you, he pops in and out of existence, or reality, or whatever you want to call it, he might be a threat to
the Temple or the very fabric of time itself, and all you can think to do is kiss him?"

Mace was practically yelling now, and Qui-Gon couldn't quite hold back a smile. "You'll make a great Council member one

"This isn't about me!" Mace yelled. "This is about you being reckless with the safety of every Jedi in this Temple!"

One of Qui-Gon's brows lifted. "I hardly think my lips are that deadly, Mace. And even if they were, you're fixating on the kiss when
you should be analyzing what he said." His eyes narrowed. "Are you jealous?"

His friend's face went utterly blank. "I'm not going to dignify that with a response."

Yes, indeed, Qui-Gon thought. A fine Council member.

"I will say this, though--whatever this thing is--"

"He's not a 'thing,'" Qui-Gon interjected quietly.

"Fine. Whatever this phenomenon is, until we know more about it, you need to be more circumspect in how you
deal with it. If he shows up again, comm someone immediately."

"That won't work, Mace--he tends to disappear when others get too interested. Besides, what
if I'm off-planet? He seems to find me wherever I am."
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