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Name:Phantom Menace Fic Recs
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Welcome to tpm_flashback, a TPM recs community! Every day, for your reading pleasure, someone will post a recommendation of a "classic" TPM--or prequel--story. This community is modeled after tsflashback, which is for Sentinel fans, and ds_flashback, for Due South fans.

We'll start out with seven volunteer reccers. Each of them will post one rec a week for eight weeks. After eight weeks, we'll look for seven more volunteers.

The stories recced can be of any genre--slash, het or gen. The only requirement is that they're generally considered good stories--we especially encourage posting recs for stories that are thought of as classics. Newer stories are fine, as long as they have the earmarks of becoming classics in time. Stories must involve characters from the Star Wars prequels--Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan, Mace, Siri Tachi, Bruck, Jar-Jar, Xanatos, Bant, Adi Gallia, Dex....

Story discussion (or just squeeing) is welcome in the comments. Only the seven reccers can post to the community, but anyone can comment.

All the recs will be stored in the community's memories. Feel free to browse them to see what's been posted.

The current round has been extended to January 17. The next group of reccers will be recruited in this community around January 8 or 9.

For more information, contact darththalia.

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