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Title: Over
Author: Ally
Rating: PG
Pairing: Q/O
Warnings: None
Author's e-mail, web site and/or LJ id: ally_ranger@yahoo.com This is the only one I know of...
Link to story: http://www.masterapprentice.org/archive/o/over.html

Reasons for recommending: This is a story of Qui-Gon doing the wrong thing for the right reason and screws up badly.
It is a great story that is told from Qui-Gon's point of view that is a great read for those who like their angst and a happy ending.

"It's merely hero-worship, you must be able to see that!" That got Qui-Gon's attention. Hero-worship! Of all the absurd things...

"Mace, I don't think that you are in a position to tell me with any authority, how Obi-Wan feels about me. I've seen his heart
and I know it's true. He loves me as much as I love him. I --"

"Are you so sure Qui-Gon? Are you willing to risk his apprenticeship for what is most likely a crush?"

"What in Sith's hell are you going on about? Why would Obi-Wan's apprenticeship be at risk? The Code does not forbid
relationships between masters and padawans!" Qui-Gon stood up, the abruptness of the movement showing his state of

"It's at risk because I am considering petitioning the Council to have you removed as Obi-Wan's master if the relationship

You've proven yourself to be blind to the faults of an apprentice before and we can't afford to loose someone like Obi-Wan.
There are Dark times ahead..."

Xanatos! Of course Mace would have to dredge up Qui-Gon's worst failure as a way to make a point. He was outraged by
the comparison.

"I never had a relationship with Xanatos! He was my student, nothing more."

"He was your student and you could not see the darkness because you did not *want* to! He was just a student and
Obi-Wan is your lover.

Do you think given your history, that you can objectively train him?" Mace held up his hand before Qui-Gon could answer.
"Think carefully my friend. We are talking about your apprentice's knighthood."

Qui-Gon sat back down tight-lipped, his hands clenching and unclenching. He was furious. He ached to strike out at Mace
and remove the threat to his Obi-Wan, to *them*.

Common sense and years of diplomatic work held him back.

That reaction, the absolute devotion to his padawan, was they very thing the other man was trying to prevent. Could he
make the same mistakes with Obi-Wan as he had with Xanatos? He did not want to believe that it was possible. If it
was... Could he in good conscience risk Obi-Wan's knighthood when they had both worked so hard and for so long?

Qui-Gon felt nauseous.

He couldn't. It meant too much to Obi-Wan.

Defeated, he shook his head.
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