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Title: The Jinn Identity
Author: Mrs. Hamill
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Q/O
Author's e-mail, web site and/or LJ id: thamill@cox.net
Mom's Kitchen
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Link to story: The Jinn Identity
Reasons for recommending:
What I love about Mrs. Hamill's writing is how effortlessly she combines plot and romance, a great story and great sex. This fic has it all, an engaging, thrilling plot with a creative surprise twist, believable interpersonal chemistry that results in some of the hottest kiss- and sexscenes in the fandom, great writing that gives just enough clues to make the plot twist a surprise, but neither unlogical nor deus ex machina, and that special, hard to pin down extra something that makes a story not just good, but great.

Quote from story: Jinn had been leaning slightly against Ben, and suddenly, he stiffened. "What?" Ben whispered. Without warning, Jinn yanked him around, leaned him back against the wall, and kissed him.
Stunned, shocked, and suddenly, tremendously aroused, Ben froze, his mind in a whirl of frantic thought -- the loudest of which was telling him that Jinn tasted unbelievably good and he should do whatever was necessary to keep the man's mouth on his. Before he could do more than react, Jinn pulled away abruptly and looked down at him. "Telepaths," he hissed, and kissed Ben again.
Ben couldn't even get his mind in gear to become worried. He was astonished at how much *body* was there was to Jinn, all of it hard and hot and pressing him up against the wall. A soft moan broke out of Ben, and he wound his arms around Jinn's neck and held on. With a start, he realized it wasn't to just deceive their possible watchers -- and Jinn couldn't have been acting, either, at least not once he heard the moan, for he proceeded to nearly crush Ben, he was holding him so tightly. His mouth opened and Ben took the bait, thrusting his tongue into Jinn's mouth as Jinn did the same with his.
When they became almost frantic in their arousal, dry-humping each other against the wall, sanity finally broke in. With a whimper of loss, Ben reluctantly pulled away from Jinn's hot mouth, but didn't relinquish his hold, pulling Jinn even more tightly against him, if that were possible. Through the muzzy haze of his intense arousal, Ben looked over Jinn's shoulder and saw Rooge and Keps standing in the bay doorway, talking to the guards. "Let's go," he murmured to Jinn.

ETA: [livejournal.com profile] jadyn just reminded me: There's a sequel called "The Kennobi Affair", posted to MA and Terri's website.
ETA2: Fixed the link to Mrs Hamill's site. Sorry about that :-(
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