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Title: Meditations on a Moment in Time
Author: Gail Riordan
Rating: PG
Pairing: Q/O
Warnings: No spoilers, some implications, though. Lots of philosophy & introspection

Author's e-mail, web site and/or LJ id: wander@dnai.com This is off the M-A archive, I don't know of any other...
Link to story: http://www.masterapprentice.org/archive/m/meditations__2.html

Reasons for recommending: Gail is one fabulous writer. I have read and re-read everything she has in the archive over and over. She has
the ability of taking cannon characters and giving them life within George's world. This gem is short but ful of emotion and
understanding of what it must be like to be Jedi. Thanks Gail!

The Force is within us and surrounds us, always; held and holding, touched and touching, as the child is held, as the parent-teacher-master
holds. Living and Unifying, illumination and shadow, the Force is - being and becoming.

It is the first position of meditation, the first taught, the first learned. The teacher, the elder, kneels comfortably - balanced, stable,
centered - and the learner, the other, sits, kneels or stands within the circle of the elder's arms and energy. The physical closeness
and the satisfaction of the body's need for touch frees the mind, heart and spirit to reach out and perceive - interact with - the things
beyond the body, with the Force. Both face outward, eyes resting on whatever is before them. They share sight, sound, scent, even
breath, as the elder patterns each inhale and exhale in slow, deep rhythm, communicated by touch. Learning to quiet the mind from a
very young age, relearning it daily.

The crechemothers spend time every day with each pre-initiate child just like this. Initiate children learn solo meditation positions and
techniques - focus, centering, observation, breathing, relaxation and movement within the moment - all rooted in this most basic lesson.
Friends may meditate together, but independence within the Force is fostered and encouraged under close supervision.

Padawans and Masters return to this form of shared meditation. Early in the relationship, it is a way of building and strengthening the ties
of trust and the connection within the Force needed for proper formation of the training bond. Later, certain lessons and assessments
require both the physical and metaphysical closeness achieved most easily and safely through this means.

As the student grows in knowledge and strength, the need for this closeness lessens and becomes gradually obsolete. Indeed, one of the
marks of approaching readiness for Knighthood is the diminishment of the bond itself.

Senior Padawans must demonstrate independence of more than thought and discernment from their Masters; they must also show clear
ability to function within the Force, separate from undue considerations of Masterly approval. Trusting one's own perceptions and
judgement of the will of the Force is essential.

Knights meditate alone. Single and at one with the Force. Even when sharing meditation - touching as friends or companions, entwined as
lovers - there is separation, aloneness.

The paradox of singularity of self within the Unity of the Force is at the heart of both what it is and what it means to be Jedi. A Knight is
always and never alone.

Masters learn to live within a greater paradox. Embraced within the Force, a Master must then embrace the student, but only enough -
enough to strengthen, to heal, to comfort, to teach. To support, not strangle. Simultaneously separate and together, the Master must
hold and know the reality of each of their singularity as well as their unity. To be a Master is to be always embracing and letting go.


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